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Other writing

A short story, The Campervan came second in the Lancashire Authors' Association Competition. This was reworked as a play entitled, Adventure Before Dementia and is included in the anthology
Members of Oldham Writing Cafe being presented with a certificate from Lord Fellows. Our anthology, Today's Specials, was shortlisted  at the NAWG ceremony held at Warwick University in August 2017

My poem, Widow Maker , appears on page 7

Limbs Stretch out,
proud above the rest.
Fingers grasp oily leaves
that wave to the sun.

A possum'sclimbing frame,
the kookaburra's lookout
and rainbow birds
rest on me.

Striped of bark
like flesh from bone,
not white but silver grey
shades of cream and pink.

Haughty cockatiels perch,
their sulphur crests
open in delight
as they nibble me.

Majestic and pale,
orange scars cover
wounds of branches
snatched by the wind.

A bloke sits,
rests his bones,
enjoys my shade
and a cold tinnie.

Beware the wind,
it makes me sway,
it makes me lean,
it makes me break.

beware a crack like ice,
the crash of a branch.
bloke beware,
I am ghost gum - widow maker.

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